27 June 2011

"Political Correctness" or Blatant Deception?

ABC News 24 was having a go at the school chaplaincy program tonight. The fact that it's a successful program endorsed and loved by public and private schools, and parents and students alike didn't seem to matter. Because Chaplains are mostly Christian, and give advice based on Christian values, they felt the need to oppose it.

I can't blame just the ABC (they were merely doing what reporters do – reporting facts and asking questions, albeit in a manner that revealed a bit of bias against it). After all, they were only reporting what some MPs had been saying about it. The key issue of debate seemed to the issue of homosexuality, and whether or not the chaplains support it. Of course it would come as no surprise that most chaplains don't, nor should they have to (for doing so would go against their own beliefs).

The whole debate seems to be based on the false premise that homosexuality should be endorsed and accepted rather than discouraged. Think about it this way: If you were counsellor or health practitioner a child you were talking to told you that they are addicted to cigarettes or illicit drugs, you wouldn't tell them it's harmless and OK. No, doing so would be not only dishonest but criminally negligent and a gross failure to carry out your duties.

Chaplains are there to attend to many emotional and spiritual issues that school children have. They are not and never were intended to be secular. Schools already had secular counsellors and they just can't perform the same role that chaplains can. So why would a child come to a chaplain to talk about their sexuality, if they weren't interested in hearing the chaplain's honest opinion? As a chaplain, wouldn't you be morally obliged to give it? And homosexuality is just as much a health issue as drug or tobacco addiction, having even more serious effects on lifespan. Moreover, a person's sexuality can change, as has been proven time and time again – this is another thing that the left and homosexual activists don't like to admit, and try to silence.

So the left have one question to answer: Is homosexuality something they want to encourage? Because if it is, then by all means get rid of school chaplains. And while you're at it, extend the definition of “marriage” to cover same-sex unions, and allow children to be deprived of mother and father in the home of a same-sex couple. And promote it in schools, and shut out any view to the contrary. Sound familiar?

It's time to put an end to this social experiment and restore some moral sanity to our education system.

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