27 June 2011

"Political Correctness" or Blatant Deception?

ABC News 24 was having a go at the school chaplaincy program tonight. The fact that it's a successful program endorsed and loved by public and private schools, and parents and students alike didn't seem to matter. Because Chaplains are mostly Christian, and give advice based on Christian values, they felt the need to oppose it.

I can't blame just the ABC (they were merely doing what reporters do – reporting facts and asking questions, albeit in a manner that revealed a bit of bias against it). After all, they were only reporting what some MPs had been saying about it. The key issue of debate seemed to the issue of homosexuality, and whether or not the chaplains support it. Of course it would come as no surprise that most chaplains don't, nor should they have to (for doing so would go against their own beliefs).

The whole debate seems to be based on the false premise that homosexuality should be endorsed and accepted rather than discouraged. Think about it this way: If you were counsellor or health practitioner a child you were talking to told you that they are addicted to cigarettes or illicit drugs, you wouldn't tell them it's harmless and OK. No, doing so would be not only dishonest but criminally negligent and a gross failure to carry out your duties.

Chaplains are there to attend to many emotional and spiritual issues that school children have. They are not and never were intended to be secular. Schools already had secular counsellors and they just can't perform the same role that chaplains can. So why would a child come to a chaplain to talk about their sexuality, if they weren't interested in hearing the chaplain's honest opinion? As a chaplain, wouldn't you be morally obliged to give it? And homosexuality is just as much a health issue as drug or tobacco addiction, having even more serious effects on lifespan. Moreover, a person's sexuality can change, as has been proven time and time again – this is another thing that the left and homosexual activists don't like to admit, and try to silence.

So the left have one question to answer: Is homosexuality something they want to encourage? Because if it is, then by all means get rid of school chaplains. And while you're at it, extend the definition of “marriage” to cover same-sex unions, and allow children to be deprived of mother and father in the home of a same-sex couple. And promote it in schools, and shut out any view to the contrary. Sound familiar?

It's time to put an end to this social experiment and restore some moral sanity to our education system.

31 May 2011

Carbon Tax To End Millions Of Years Of Droughts And Floods In Australia

Carbon Tax To End Millions Of Years Of Droughts And Floods In Australia

Yeah, right.  Celebrated Sydney restauranteur and so-called "1 Million Women" ambassador, Christine Manfield had this to say:

“I’m not agreeing with Julia Gillard on that one, I think it’s a really wimpy way out,” Manfield told The Australian.
We tend to agree with you, Christine!


The real science speaks for itself.  Follow this link to see an article published back when climate science was done for science sake - 1979 when scientists predicted in detail the cooling phase which has begun after the natural cycle of warming since the last mini ice age. Lest we forget.

14 May 2011


Jobs (instead of foreign aid to corrupt regimes) for our Asian neighbours, in work that Australians don't want, and the Asia-Pacific desperately needs. 
AUSTRALIA'S richest woman, Gina Rinehart, has called for a radical overhaul of immigration laws to allow thousands of unskilled "guest workers" to be imported from Asia to help build mines in the country's north.

"Just think where Australia could be if we welcomed guest labour, even if limited to remote or hot areas, or to unskilled and semi-skilled positions.
"We should, on humanitarian grounds, give more of these people the opportunity of guest labour work in Australia, so that they can feed and clothe their families and pay for medical and other pressing needs."

Could this be the humanitarian solution that the most vocal of the left has been looking for? 


Bob Brown just admitted what we have been saying all along: That it is the Greens who control the Government, and there is no way in hell they would allow an election when they've got it as good as this:

But the Greens leader was also forced to defend reports he was disappointed his [b]power sharing arrangement with Labor was not delivering greater rewards for his party.
[b]“No, I don't feel that is the case,”[/b] Senator Brown said.
The Greens leader said the debate over a [b]carbon pricing[/b] regime [b]was only featuring on the national agenda because of the influence of his party[/b].
“There would be no carbon pricing debate in Australia. [b]Both the big parties went to the election saying they would put it off.

So Bob Brown and I finally agree on something - the solitary Green tail (Bandt) is wagging the 72 ALP dogs.

Tasmanian Labor/Greens (former Young Liberal) independent, Andrew Wilkie, can't help but throw his 2 bob in on how democracy works.

Frankly politicians would be treating the Australian electorate with contempt if they were to discard the August 2010 election result because they thought they knew better than the voters.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember the voters choosing LNP, 73 seats to 72 for the ALP. Wilkie and the Greens/”Independents” [i]chose Gillard[/i]. The voters didn't get a say in this "government" - just the way, apparently, Wilkie likes it right now.


Australia's (first ever) richest woman, mining magnate Gina Rinehart slams the Gillard/Greens Government's Carbon Dioxide tax, and wonders where the rest of the business leaders have disappeared to on this.

If imposed at a rate of $26 per tonne the carbon tax will cost:

  • 126,000 jobs in regional Australia (according to Access Economics);
  • 10,000 jobs and 16 coal mines (according to ACIL economic consultancy);
  • 24,000 jobs in other areas of mining (according to Concept Economics); and
  • 45,000 jobs in other energy-intensive industries (according to Frontier Economics).
And that is just for starters.
And what for? It won’t stop China and India from continuing to emit carbon dioxide on their own account.  These nations understand that you cannot raise a population’s standard of living without also increasing energy consumption....
...We can’t wait any longer for Australia’s business ‘leaders’ to finally stand up on this issue! If we don’t stand up, we run the great risk of seeing the consequences of  such non-action in Australia, and I sincerely hope we don’t.  
We all have to do our part to ensure this farce is dead and buried.  We don't bridge the divide between the prosperous and their counterparts, by knocking those who work hard and achieve down to the level of the others.  We should be lifting the rest of Australia up to achieve the level greater levels of prosperity experienced by other sectors.
From all the rhetoric, you'd think that this was the first time we've had a so-called two-speed economy, and that it is a bad thing. If the Government spent responsibly, they could have used the resources boom to contribute to the Future Fund set up and presided over by former Treasure Peter Costello AC.  Instead, we go from zero national debt and $22 billion surplus inherited by the Labor Government after the exit of Prime Minister John Howard's in 2007, to a forecast debt of $250 billion in the current treasurers' latest attempt to raise the borrowing limit to such an historical and reckless amount.
Contrary to the Labor spin, the true "recker" does not take the form of the leader of the opposition, but is this inept Government in their devastating handling of our economy.

07 May 2011


YAF has sent an open letter to Victorian Deputy Premier and Minister for Police, Peter Ryan regarding corruption allegations which have surfaced of Commissioner Simon Overland, and the latest farce of Overland dismissing his most honourable deputy (and best candidate for Commissioner in our opinion), Sir Ken Jones, last night.

Sir Ken was abruptly called in to Mr Overland's office yesterday afternoon and ordered to clear his desk and leave immediately. His removal came hours after The Saturday Age had submitted detailed questions to the office of the Attorney-General, the Department of Justice and the police about the circumstances of the slaying of Williams.
Sir Ken could not be contacted for a response last night.
A police spokesman said: ''The Chief Commissioner has asked Sir Ken Jones to finish at the end of today because it is right for him and Victoria Police.''
Sir Ken will now remain on leave until his resignation takes effect on August 5. Mr Overland has cancelled his own planned leave.
Police Association secretary Greg Davies last night slammed Mr Overland's handling of the crisis. ''I think Simon Overland is the Chief Commissioner in name only from this day on,'' Senior Sergeant Davies said.

Although the online form to Contact Peter Ryan is limited in number of characters you can send, you can make your complaint via this link or write in to the details on that same page, and let the Government know that we won't cop the politicisation of the police force, or police corruption, in any shape or form.

YAF addresses tackling police corruption in its official Statement of Purpose but it starts with you, and it starts now!  Don't delay.

Summary of web form submission:

The Honourable Mr Ryan MLA, Deputy Premier

It is with concern that we write concerning the state in which Victoria Police finds itself this day. The alleged conduct of Commissioner Simon Overland with respect to the release of crime statistics to favour the outgoing Labor government, in addition to his long list of failures & M.I.A.s was unacceptable, but to learn that he has now ordered the immediate dismissal of Sir Ken Jones is a step too far, even for Mr Overland.

Without going into details of which you're all too well aware, we seek the immediate suspension or dismissal of Mr Overland, and reinstatement of Sir Ken Jones as acting Police Commissioner or Police Commissioner until the Ombudsman completes his investigations into Mr Overland's alleged conduct. Our organisation, Young Australia's Foundation, strongly opposes corruption at all levels. The people have lost faith in our police & are quickly losing faith in our Government.

We urge immediate & swift action in remedying this farce. YAF.com.au